What the landlords usually ask us about the rental property management in Hamilton


We use our proven nine step Tenant Audit system (Acceler8) to screen for tenants which assures  that our landlords have happy, diligent and financially responsible tenants and amplified return on your investment.

  1. Credit Score Check

A tenant’s credit score is a key indicator of their financial responsibility. Typically, a score above 700 is considered good, reflecting a history of timely payments and sound financial management, while a score below 600 can be a red flag, indicating potential financial irresponsibility or instability. Verify the score through reputable credit bureaus (Equifax or TransUnion) and consider the implications of the score on payment reliability. But the score is not all…

  1. Rental History Review

  A thorough review of a tenant’s past rental behavior can unveil invaluable insights. Look for a history of timely payments, adherence to property rules, and proper notice given before moving (When checking references). Negative signs would include frequent moves, evictions, or disputes with landlords. A consistent, positive rental history is often a predictor of future tenant behavior. We look for patterns…

  1. Employment Verification

Confirming stable, ongoing employment is crucial. A tenant with a stable job is more likely to make regular, timely rent payments. Verify the tenant’s employment status, length of employment, and income through pay stubs or employer contact ( As well as reference checks with open ended questions). Frequent job changes or periods of unemployment can be warning signs. We’re looking for responsibility…

  1. Income to Rent Ratio

Generally, a tenant’s income should be at least three times the rent cost, ensuring they can comfortably afford the property without financial strain. This ratio reduces the likelihood of missed payments and potential financial disputes. A ratio below this threshold could indicate potential difficulty in meeting rent obligations. But this is just one of the factors to evaluate…

  1. 5References Check

Confirming stable, ongoing employment is crucial. A tenant with a stable job is more likely to make regular, timely rent payments. Verify the tenant’s employment status, length of employment, and income through pay stubs or employer contact ( As well as reference checks with open ended questions). Frequent job changes or periods of unemployment can be warning signs. We’re looking for responsibility…

  1. Criminal Background Check

A comprehensive criminal background check is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of the property and neighborhood. Any history of violent crimes, property damage, or drug-related offenses should be carefully considered, balancing the need for safety with fairness and legal considerations. This check isn’t a should, it’s a must…

  1. Pet Evaluation

Evaluating any pets is essential. Inquire about the pet’s behavior, any history of damage, and whether the pet is spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations. Well-behaved, properly cared for pets are usually less risky, while a history of property damage or aggression is concerning. Ask for photos and be pet friendly in your inquiry…

  1. Personal Interview

A personal interview can provide insights into the tenant’s personality, expectations, and compatibility with property rules and community living. Observe their communication style, responsiveness, and overall demeanor. A respectful, communicative, and transparent applicant is usually preferable, while evasiveness or disrespect may signal potential issues. If you’ve gone this far without red flags, this tenancy has a high probability of success…

  1. Debt-to-Income Ratio Assessment

Evaluating a tenant’s debt-to-income ratio is equally important as it provides a more nuanced view of financial stability. This ratio is the percentage of a person’s monthly income that goes toward paying debts. A ratio of 36% or less is generally considered good as it implies that the tenant is living within their means and is likely to manage rent payments effectively. A ratio above 43% could indicate that a tenant has more debt than they can comfortably manage, which can be risky as it might impact their ability to pay rent regularly and on time. Thoroughly analyzing this metric, along with the credit score, provides a more rounded view of the prospective tenant’s financial health and reliability…

Each of these steps is crucial in identifying the most suitable tenant for your property. By meticulously evaluating each aspect, you can ensure the protection of your investment, the satisfaction of your tenant, and the overall prosperity of your property. This comprehensive Acceler8 approach fosters a positive, mutually beneficial landlord-tenant relationship, leading to long-term stability and success.

Our pricing plans are flexible and designed to fit your unique needs and portfolio. We recommend scheduling a free, no-obligation strategy session with our team to help you customize a plan that maximizes your benefits, provides you with the necessary leverage, and saves you time

To effectively market vacancies and attract qualified tenants, we employ a multi-faceted approach in Our Leasing Services  at Found Spaces to ensure that our listings capture the right audience’s attention. Understanding that the modern tenant’s property search begins online, we syndicate our listings across several popular websites that are frequently searched by prospective tenants. These platforms include Zumper, Padmapper, Rentals.ca, and Facebook Marketplace, among others.

Our commitment to making our listings stand out involves the use of professional photography and virtual staging, which showcase the properties in their best light and provide a realistic and appealing view of what living in the space could be like. We recognize the importance of first impressions in the digital age, and our high-quality visuals are designed to engage and captivate potential tenants from the first glance.

Furthermore, we have established unique agreements with these platforms to ensure our listings appear on the first pages of all syndicated websites. This prioritized placement increases visibility and ensures that our properties are among the first seen by potential tenants, significantly enhancing the chances of quickly securing high-quality occupants for our properties.

In addition to our strategic online placement and high-quality visual presentations, we at Found Spaces Property Management are committed to accommodating the needs of a diverse tenant base, including out-of-town individuals planning a move to the area. To this end, we offer video walkthroughs and virtual showings, which provide a comprehensive and interactive experience of our properties from the comfort of one’s current home.

These virtual tours are designed to offer a realistic feel of the property layout, space, and amenities, making it easier for potential tenants to envision themselves in the space. This approach is particularly beneficial for those who are relocating and may not have the opportunity to visit the property in person before making a decision. By offering this convenience, we aim to make the relocation process as smooth and hassle-free as possible, ensuring that all potential tenants, regardless of their current location, have equal access to explore and consider our properties.

Incorporating video walkthroughs and virtual showings into our marketing strategy not only expands our reach to a broader audience but also underscores our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer service and satisfaction. At Found Spaces, we are dedicated to innovation and inclusivity in all aspects of our property management services.

By combining strategic placement with compelling visual presentation, we not only attract a wider pool of potential tenants but also ensure that the tenants are qualified and a good fit for our properties. This comprehensive approach to marketing vacancies is part of our larger commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction at Found Spaces.

At Found Spaces Property Management, ensuring compliance with rental laws and regulations is paramount in our property management operations. We take a proactive and informed approach to adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) of Ontario.

Our commitment to legal compliance involves several key measures:

Continuous Education: Our team stays abreast of the latest developments in rental legislation and case law. This ongoing education ensures that we are always operating within the legal framework established by the RTA and guided by precedents and rulings from the LTB.

Professional Consultation: We work closely with legal professionals who specialize in Ontario’s rental laws to ensure that all our lease agreements, tenant interactions, and property management practices meet the highest legal standards. This includes regular audits and consultations to preemptively address any potential compliance issues.

Transparent Communication: Clear and open communication with our tenants is crucial. We ensure that all parties are fully informed about their rights and responsibilities under the RTA. This includes providing tenants with access to resources and guidance on how the LTB can be a resource for them, fostering a cooperative and informed tenant-landlord relationship.

Standardized Procedures: Our internal processes, from tenant screening to lease termination, are designed to align with RTA guidelines and LTB best practices. This standardization helps prevent any inadvertent violations of rental laws and ensures a fair and consistent approach to property management.

Conflict Resolution: In the event of disputes, our approach is to resolve issues amicably and within the legal frameworks provided by the RTA and the LTB. We prioritize mediation and negotiation, resorting to formal LTB proceedings only when necessary, ensuring that all actions are conducted with full legal compliance and fairness to all parties involved.

By implementing these measures, Found Spaces Property Management not only protects the interests of our landlords and tenants but also upholds the integrity and legal compliance of our property management practices. Our dedication to adhering to the RTA and engaging with the LTB ensures that we provide professional, ethical, and legally sound services in all aspects of our operations.

At Found Spaces Property Management, our approach to rent collection and handling late payments is both systematic and compassionate, ensuring that we respect the rights and circumstances of our tenants while upholding our responsibilities to property owners. Our process is designed to be clear, efficient, and in strict compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and guidelines set forth by the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) of Ontario.

Rent Collection Process:

We utilize a structured yet flexible system for rent collection, providing tenants with multiple convenient payment options to ensure timely rent submission. These options are designed to accommodate various tenant preferences and financial situations, promoting consistency in rent collection.

Handling Late Payments:

  1. Initial Reminder:Upon a rent payment delay, we promptly issue a courteous reminder to the tenant. This reminder is a gentle notification of the missed payment and a request for an update on the expected payment date.
  2. Proactive Communication:If the rent remains unpaid beyond the initial reminder period, we take a proactive approach by reaching out to the tenant via phone calls, text messages, and emails. This direct communication aims to understand the tenant’s situation, convey the importance of timely rent payments, and express our willingness to work with them to resolve the issue.
  3. Legal Documentation:In parallel to our outreach efforts, we prepare and serve the necessary legal notices as required by the RTA. These documents are served in compliance with legal timelines and procedures, ensuring that both the tenant and property owner are protected under the law.
  4. Payment Plan Negotiation:Recognizing that tenants may face unexpected financial challenges, we are open to discussing and establishing payment plans. These plans are designed to be realistic and fair, allowing tenants to catch up on overdue rent in a manner that is manageable for them while also ensuring property owners receive the owed rent.
  5. Ongoing Support and Resources:Throughout the process, we provide tenants with information on available financial assistance programs and support services. Our goal is to assist tenants in finding solutions to their financial difficulties, preventing future rent payment issues.
  6. LTB Involvement:As a last resort, and only after all other efforts have been exhausted, we may proceed with filing an application with the LTB. This step is taken with full adherence to the RTA, ensuring that the rights of both tenants and property owners are respected.

Our approach to rent collection and late payments at Found Spaces balances firmness with empathy, ensuring that we maintain professional and respectful tenant relations while safeguarding the financial interests of our clients.


At Found Spaces, our property management package is designed to provide comprehensive and hassle-free services for both property owners and tenants, ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of properties under our care. Our standard package includes a wide range of services aimed at maximizing property value, minimizing operating costs, maintaining high occupancy rates, and ensuring tenant satisfaction. 

Services Included in Property Management Fee:

– Rent Collection and Tracking

– Customer Care and Maintenance 24-7-365 

– Online Financial Reporting

– Direct Rental Deposit to Landlords (Twice a month)

– Property Evaluations

– Pre-Move out Inspections (When Tenant Provides Notice)

– Move Out Inspections and Reporting (When Tenant is Moving Out)

– Lease Term Enforcement

– Tenant Relationship Management

– Tenant Financial Literacy Courses (To forster Responsible Tenancies)

– Owner Portal

– Tenant Portal

– Move In Inspections

– Property Assessment

Pay As Needed Services ($):

While our property management package is comprehensive, certain specialized services or situations may incur additional fees. These are always communicated transparently upfront, without any hidden charges. Additional fees may apply for:

– In House Maintenance 

– Design Services (To maximize rental value)

– Leasing Services (Placement, Screening

– Unit Turnover Maintenance

– Completion of LTB Legal Notices

– Rental Guarantee

– Legal Expenses (LTB Matters)

– Evictions

– Small Claims Court

– Collections

– Semi-Annual Inspections

– Lawn Care

– Snow Removal 

Our goal at Found Spaces is to provide property owners with peace of mind and tenants with a comfortable living experience. We believe in transparent pricing and clear communication regarding our services and any associated costs. Property owners are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with us to ensure a clear understanding of our service package and any potential additional fees.

At Found Spaces Property Management, we understand the importance of regular property inspections to maintain the integrity and value of the properties we manage. Our inspection schedule is designed to ensure properties are well-maintained, compliant with safety regulations, and provide a healthy living environment for tenants. Our comprehensive approach includes several types of inspections, each serving a specific purpose and all documented thoroughly to keep property owners informed.

Types of Inspections We Offer:

Leasing Inspections:

Move-In Inspection: Conducted when a tenant moves in to document the property’s condition, ensuring that both the tenant and property owner have a clear record of the state of the property at the start of the tenancy. This helps in accurately assessing any changes or damages that occur during the tenancy.
Pre-Move-Out Inspection: Performed when a tenant gives notice of their intention to move out. This inspection allows us to identify any issues that need to be addressed before the move-out, giving the tenant an opportunity to rectify any problems and ensuring a smoother transition.
Move-Out Inspection: Carried out when a tenant moves out, this inspection assesses the property for any damages or changes compared to the initial move-in inspection. It forms the basis for any security deposit deductions and ensures the property is ready for the next tenant.

Semi-Annual Inspections (Fall and Spring): These inspections are conducted twice a year to prepare the property for the coming season. Key tasks include:

Exterior Water: Turning off exterior water in the fall to prevent freezing and turning it back on in the spring.
Furnace Filters: Changing furnace filters to ensure the heating system operates efficiently and to improve indoor air quality.
Smoke Detector Batteries: Checking and replacing smoke detector batteries to ensure tenant safety.
Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Inspection: A thorough examination of both the interior and exterior of the property, checking for any necessary repairs, maintenance issues, or safety hazards. This includes assessing the roof, gutters, windows, doors, appliances, plumbing, electrical systems, and the overall structure.

Documentation and Communication:

All inspections are meticulously documented with photographs and detailed notes. This documentation is not only emailed directly to property owners but is also stored in the Owner Portal, providing easy and secure access to inspection reports at any time. This transparent approach ensures that property owners are fully informed about the condition of their property and any actions taken during the inspections.

By conducting these regular inspections, Found Spaces proactively addresses potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring the longevity and value of the property while also providing peace of mind to both property owners and tenants.

At Found Spaces Property Management, we have a streamlined process for handling maintenance and repair requests from tenants, designed to address issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring tenant satisfaction and preserving the integrity of the property. Our approach is centered around clear communication, quick response times, and quality service.

  1. Tenant Reporting:Tenants can report maintenance issues or repair needs through multiple convenient channels, such as our online tenant portal, email, or phone. This accessibility ensures that tenants can easily reach out to us at any time, making the reporting process as hassle-free as possible.
  2. Initial Assessment:Upon receiving a maintenance or repair request, our team conducts an initial assessment to determine the nature and urgency of the issue. This assessment helps us prioritize the request appropriately, ensuring that urgent matters, such as water leaks or heating problems, are addressed immediately.
  3. Communication:We keep the tenant informed throughout the process, from the initial acknowledgment of their request to updates on the scheduling of repairs. Clear communication is key to maintaining a positive relationship with tenants and ensuring they are aware of the steps being taken to resolve their issue.
  4. Vendor Coordination:For repairs that require professional service, we coordinate with our network of trusted vendors and contractors, all of whom are vetted for quality and reliability. We schedule the repair work at a time that is convenient for the tenant, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily life.
  5. Supervision and Quality Control:Our team closely monitors the repair process, ensuring that the work is completed to our high standards. We may conduct site visits to oversee significant repairs, providing an additional layer of quality control.
  6. Completion and Follow-Up:Once the maintenance or repair work is completed, we conduct a follow-up with the tenant to ensure their satisfaction with the work and address any remaining concerns they may have. This step is crucial in ensuring that the issue has been fully resolved to the tenant’s satisfaction.
  7. Documentation:All maintenance and repair requests, along with the actions taken, are thoroughly documented in our property management system. This documentation includes details of the issue, the resolution, and any costs incurred. It provides a transparent record for both property owners and tenants and helps in the efficient management of property maintenance records.
  8. Owner Notification:Depending on the nature and cost of the repair, property owners are notified either before action is taken (for significant repairs that may require owner approval or for budgetary considerations) or after the fact (for minor or routine maintenance tasks). This ensures that owners are kept in the loop regarding their property’s condition and maintenance activities.

Our goal at Found Spaces is to ensure that maintenance and repair requests are handled smoothly, with minimal inconvenience to our tenants, while keeping property owners informed and engaged in the process. This approach helps maintain the quality and value of the properties we manage, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved.

At Found Spaces Property Management, handling tenant complaints or disputes is a process we approach with utmost seriousness, empathy, and professionalism. We believe in fostering a positive and respectful relationship with our tenants, and as such, we have established a structured approach to resolving complaints or disputes efficiently and fairly.

  1. Open Communication:We encourage tenants to voice their concerns or complaints through various accessible channels, such as our online portal, email, or direct phone lines. Ensuring tenants feel heard and valued is the first step in effectively addressing any issues.
  2. Prompt Acknowledgment:Upon receiving a complaint or being notified of a dispute, we promptly acknowledge it, letting the tenant know that their concern is being taken seriously and will be addressed in a timely manner. This immediate acknowledgment is crucial in building trust and setting the stage for effective resolution.
  3. Investigation and Fact-Finding:We conduct a thorough investigation into the complaint or dispute, gathering all necessary facts, speaking with all involved parties, and reviewing relevant documentation or agreements. This fact-finding process ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of the situation before proceeding with a resolution.
  4. Mediation and Resolution:Our experienced team engages in mediation efforts, aiming to find a fair and reasonable resolution to the issue at hand. We consider the perspectives and rights of all parties involved, striving to achieve an outcome that is satisfactory to everyone. Our goal is to resolve disputes amicably, preserving the tenant-landlord relationship and the community’s harmony.
  5. Follow-Up and Documentation:After a resolution is reached, we conduct follow-ups with the involved parties to ensure that the agreed-upon solution has been implemented and that the issue has been satisfactorily resolved. We also document the entire process, from the initial complaint to the resolution, ensuring transparency and providing a record that can be referenced in the future if needed.
  6. Policy Review and Improvement:In cases where complaints or disputes highlight areas for improvement in our policies or practices, we undertake a review and make necessary adjustments. This continuous improvement mindset helps us to prevent similar issues from arising in the future.
  7. Legal Compliance and Advisory:Throughout the complaint and dispute resolution process, we ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and guidelines set by the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) of Ontario. When necessary, we seek advice from legal professionals to ensure that our actions are legally sound and in the best interest of all parties.

At Found Spaces, we are committed to resolving tenant complaints and disputes in a manner that is respectful, fair, and in accordance with legal and ethical standards. Our approach is designed to maintain a positive living environment and uphold the quality and reputation of the properties we manage. 

At Found Spaces Property Management, we understand that emergencies can occur at any time, often outside of regular business hours. To ensure the safety and well-being of our tenants and the integrity of the properties we manage, we have established a robust protocol for dealing with emergencies outside of regular business hours.

  1. Emergency Contact System:We provide tenants with a dedicated emergency contact number, accessible 24/7, for reporting urgent issues that cannot wait until regular business hours. This system is designed to ensure that tenants can reach us in the event of a significant emergency, such as a major leak, gas leak, loss of heat in winter, or any situation that poses an immediate risk to safety or property.
  2. Triage and Assessment:Calls received on the emergency line are quickly triaged to assess the severity and immediacy of the situation. Our trained staff or answering service can determine whether the issue qualifies as an emergency that requires immediate attention or if it can be safely addressed during regular business hours.
  3. Immediate Response Team:For situations classified as emergencies, we have an immediate response team on standby, consisting of staff members and a network of trusted contractors who are equipped to handle a wide range of urgent issues. This team is mobilized quickly to address the emergency, taking appropriate actions to mitigate damage and ensure safety.
  4. Communication:Throughout the emergency, we maintain open lines of communication with the affected tenants, keeping them informed of the situation’s status, expected resolution time, and any necessary precautions they should take. We also communicate with property owners as needed, especially if the situation has significant implications for the property.
  5. Follow-Up and Documentation:Once the immediate emergency is resolved, we conduct a thorough follow-up to assess the situation, perform any additional repairs, and ensure that the property is fully restored to a safe and habitable condition. All actions taken during the emergency, including communications, repairs, and expenses, are meticulously documented for transparency and future reference.
  6. Review and Improvement:After handling an emergency, our team reviews the incident to identify any lessons learned or opportunities for improvement in our emergency response protocol. This continuous improvement process helps us enhance our preparedness and response strategies for future emergencies.
  7. Tenant Support and Resources:We provide support and resources to affected tenants, assisting them in dealing with the aftermath of the emergency, including guidance on insurance claims or temporary accommodations if necessary.

At Found Spaces, our emergency response protocol is a critical component of our commitment to providing exceptional property management services. We ensure that emergencies are handled promptly, efficiently, and with the utmost concern for the safety and well-being of our tenants and the properties we manage.

At Found Spaces Property Management, we prioritize transparent and consistent communication with our property owners, understanding the importance of staying informed about the financial performance of your property. To this end, we offer regular updates and comprehensive reports to ensure you have a clear and current view of your investment’s performance.

  1. Monthly Financial Statements:Property owners receive detailed monthly financial statements, which include all income and expenses related to the property. These statements provide a clear breakdown of rent collections, maintenance costs, management fees, and any other relevant financial transactions that have occurred within the month.
  2. Quarterly Performance Reviews:In addition to monthly statements, we conduct quarterly performance reviews of each property. These reviews offer a more in-depth analysis of the property’s financial health, including occupancy rates, rental market trends, and any capital improvements or significant maintenance issues that could impact financial performance. We provide these quarterly reports with an executive summary that highlights key performance indicators and any recommended actions or opportunities for improvement.
  3. Annual Financial Summary:At the end of each fiscal year, we compile an annual financial summary for each property. This comprehensive report includes a year-over-year comparison, tax-related information, and a detailed review of the property’s financial performance over the past year. The annual summary is designed to assist property owners in strategic planning and tax preparation, offering a holistic view of the property’s financial trajectory.
  4. Customized Reporting:Understanding that each property owner may have unique needs and preferences, we offer the option for customized reporting. Whether you require more frequent updates, specific financial metrics, or a different report format, we are committed to accommodating your needs to ensure you have the information you need in the most useful format.
  5. Direct Access Through Owner Portal:In addition to the scheduled reports, property owners have direct access to their financial information through our secure Owner Portal. This platform allows you to view financial statements, maintenance reports, and other relevant documents at your convenience, providing real-time access to your property’s financial data.
  6. Personalized Communication:Beyond the scheduled reports, our team is always available for direct consultations. Whether you have specific questions, require further analysis, or wish to discuss the strategic direction of your property, we encourage open and ongoing communication.

At Found Spaces, our approach to financial reporting is designed to provide property owners with peace of mind, knowing that you have a comprehensive and transparent view of your property’s financial performance. We are committed to delivering the insights and information you need to make informed decisions about your investment.

At Found Spaces Property Management, our approach to handling lease agreements, renewals, and terminations is structured to ensure clarity, compliance with legal standards, and alignment with the best interests of both property owners and tenants. We manage these processes with professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless experience for all parties involved.

Lease Agreements:

  • Drafting and Review: We create comprehensive lease agreements that are tailored to each property, ensuring they cover all essential terms and conditions, rights, and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. Our leases are designed to be clear, fair, and in full compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and other relevant legislation.
  • Tenant Screening: Prior to executing a lease agreement, we conduct thorough tenant screenings. At Found Spaces, our approach to tenant screening is thorough and methodical, utilizing our proven 9-step Acceler8 Tenant Audit, specifically designed to select only the best tenants for our properties. This comprehensive process ensures that we maintain high occupancy rates with reliable and responsible tenants, fostering a positive and stable rental environment
  • Signing and Documentation: We facilitate the lease signing process, ensuring that both parties understand the terms and conditions before agreeing. All lease agreements are securely documented and stored, with copies provided to both the tenant and the property owner.

Lease Renewals:

  • Proactive Communication: We initiate discussions regarding lease renewals well in advance of the lease expiry date, providing both tenants and property owners ample time to consider their options and make informed decisions.
  • Negotiation and Updates: When both parties are interested in renewal, we handle any negotiations related to lease terms, such as rent adjustments (N1 Notice) or other conditions, ensuring that any changes are mutually agreeable and documented in a lease amendment or new lease agreement.

Lease Terminations:

  • Notice and Communication: In cases where a lease is to be terminated, whether by the tenant’s decision, we ensure that all notices and communications are handled professionally and in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Pre-Move out and Move-Out Inspections: We conduct detailed move-out inspections to assess the property’s condition, compare it to the move-in inspection report, and
  • Property Turnover: Following a lease termination, we oversee the turnover process, preparing the property for the next tenant. This includes any necessary cleaning, repairs, and updates to ensure the property remains attractive and competitive in the rental market.


At Found Spaces, our meticulous handling of lease agreements, renewals, and terminations ensures that property owners have peace of mind knowing their properties are managed professionally, and tenants enjoy a clear and fair leasing process.

At Found Spaces Property Management, we understand that every property owner’s level of desired involvement in the management of their property can vary. We pride ourselves on offering a flexible and customized approach, tailored to meet your specific preferences and needs. This customization is determined at the time of onboarding your property, ensuring that our services align perfectly with your expectations.

Customized Involvement:

  • Onboarding Process:During the onboarding process, we engage in detailed discussions with you to understand your specific preferences regarding decision-making and involvement in the management of your property. This includes determining how you’d like to be consulted on various matters, such as tenant selection, maintenance decisions, financial expenditures, and more.
  • Tailored Management Plans:Based on your preferences identified during onboarding, we create a tailored property management plan. This plan outlines the extent of your involvement in different aspects of property management, from day-to-day operations to major decision-making processes.
  • Open Communication:Regardless of the level of involvement you choose, we maintain open and regular communication with you. We provide updates on your property’s status, financial performance, tenant matters, and any significant events or decisions that require your attention or input.
  • Adaptable Involvement:We also understand that your preferences for involvement may change over time. Our process is designed to be adaptable, allowing for adjustments to the management plan as your needs or circumstances evolve.
  • Support and Advisory:Whether you prefer to be hands-on with decision-making or wish to entrust us with the full spectrum of management tasks, we are always here to provide expert advice and support. Our goal is to ensure that your property is managed effectively, aligning with your investment goals and personal preferences.

At Found Spaces, we believe that a successful property management partnership is built on understanding and respecting your preferences as a property owner. Our customized approach ensures that you can be as involved as you wish in the decision-making processes regarding your property, with the assurance that our professional team is here to support and implement your decisions every step of the way.