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What does mediocre property management really cost you?

A group of simple white stick figures on a black background, arranged in a triangle shape, with the base at the bottom and the peak at the top center. This minimalist design encapsulates the structured excellence you'd expect from the best property management in Hamilton.
50% of Tenants

Fail to meet basic requirements, and 10% cause significant property damage

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53 Hours

Per month that's the average time landlords spend tackling property-related issues

A white line graph with a downward trending line and a dollar sign icon on a black background indicates financial decline, underscoring the importance of finding the Best Property Management in Hamilton to safeguard your investments.
Depleting NOI

On your property means eroding profits and diminishing its overall value

Discover Success:
How Our Clients WIN with Found Spaces

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12% Rental Income Increase

average within the first year

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10% Property Value Increase

average over three years

Green circular icon with a white silhouette of a person in the center, surrounded by two curved arrows forming a circle, suggesting refresh or change. This symbol is often associated with the best property management in Hamilton, indicating constant improvement and renewal.
30% Reduction in Tenant Turnover

1.5 to 2.5 Years Average lease term Increase

So What Does Working with
Found Spaces
Look Like?

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Working with Found Spaces Property Management Inc is simple due to Our Process that guides you step by step.

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In Found Spaces Property Management Inc we value your and our time optimizing each step in Our Process daily

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Working with Found Spaces Property Management Inc. you know how Our Process grows your ROI.

Increased Profitability

Enhanced Property Value

Lower Tenant Turnover

Found Spaces Guarantees:
Complete Safety and Absolute Peace of Mind

Tenant Placement

If located by us tenant leaves in less than 6 months, we will secure the next tenant for free.

Money Back

We give a 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied with our property management within the first 90 days.

21 Days Leasing

We will get a signed lease for your home in 21 days or less or you get a free month of management on us.

Good Pet

Good pet tenants. If approved pets cause damage, we'll cover up to $1,000 in repairs.

Unlock the Benefits of a Partnership with
Found Spaces Property Management
Discover What Sets Us Apart!

Our Clients No Longer Struggle with

Services Offered by Found Spaces Property Management

Property Management

Elevating your property management experience by bringing trust, transparency & accountability

Leasing Services

Filling Your Vacancy Fast and Efficient with our Proven Leasing Process. You Get Better Tenants, and Maximize Your Return

Property Advertising

Amplifying Your Property’s Visibility with Our Tailored Advertising Service to Maximize Your Returns

Legal Support Services

Ensures timely rent collection and adherence to regulations, RTA Compliance, and LTB Matters

Maintenance Services

Prompt service and 24/7/365 support, streamlines maintenance requests and effortless tracking

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Reclaim Your Time

As investors ourselves, we deeply understand the complex demands and responsibilities of property ownership. Our Property Management Services are crafted to alleviate these burdens, freeing you to pursue other passions and business ventures.

Choosing Found Spaces means entrusting your investment to a professional team with over 40 years of combined experience. We are committed to optimizing your returns through our proven Process, ensuring you enjoy ease and peace of mind. Every aspect of your property is managed with precision and excellence.

Rely on Found Spaces Property Management Inc for a seamless, profitable management experience that saves you time and lets you focus on what’s most important to you

Maximize Your Passive Income Potential

Experience seamless and rewarding Leasing Services with Found Spaces Property Management Inc! We transform the potential risk of vacancies into full occupancies, ensuring every day is a chance for revenue.

We are committed to maximizing your property’s value and eliminating the worry of unoccupied spaces. As our partner, you’ll access our dedicated team of leasing professionals, employing innovative strategies to enhance your property’s visibility to a wide array of the best prospective tenants.

Revel in the assurance of having your property managed by experts, witnessing your investments prosper, and securing high-quality tenants consistently.

Minimize Repair Cost and Maintenance Expenses

Found Spaces Property Management Inc can help you avoid overpaying for these essential services through our dedicatedin-house general maintenance team and specialized reliable vendors with competitive pricing.

In addition, our Online Landlord Portal allows you to track maintenance hours in real-time, helping you to stay on budget. Partner with us to ensure that your property is well-maintained at a cost that won’t eat into your profits.

Our aim is to assist clients like you in maximizing the value and enjoyment of your rental property, and making the most of your investment and time.

Become Found Spaces Client

If you are a someone who cherishes time, desires a steady flow of predictable income, and understands the importance of stable, long-term investments, you are our ideal partner! At Found Spaces Property Management Inc, we believe that the best investment journey begins with securing the best tenant.

Act NOW—schedule a call with us today and embark on a path to a thriving future together! 

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