Found Spaces: Property Management

We are thrilled to have you as our New resident!

Welcome To Your New Home!

Your unit is inspected before you move in. However, if you need any repairs after you move in or at any time during your tenancy, please contact our Maintenance Department at 289-270-2922 or send us an email to maintenance@foundspaces.ca

You and Your Lease

Paying Your Rent

Rent is due on the first of the month. If your rent is not paid on time, a notice of termination will be served on the second of every month if rent in not paid or not paid in FULL and you may face eviction. Found Spaces Property Management Inc has a policy in place to deal with persistently late rent payers. In compliance with the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act, landlords can evict tenants who continue to make late rent payments.

For Your Convenience, You Can Pay In FOUR Different Ways

  • Pre-Authorized Monthly Payments
  • E-transfers to — accounting@foundspaces.ca | Note: MUST Include your property and unit #
  • ePay — Simply log into your Tenant Portal
  • Cheque or Money Order — Made payable to Found Spaces Property Management Inc. | Note: Include you name, address and tenant account
 number. Mail to: 21 Bold St, Hamilton, ON L8P 1T3
  • Cash Payments — Available for drop-off onsite the 1st of the month. A receipt must be issued signed up by the Property Manager & at least one Director of Found Spaces Property Management Inc

Keys For Your New Home

Once you have signed your lease you must set up an appointment with your Property Manager to receive your keys. Prior to your appointment, please ensure to transfer your First Month’s rent and pro-rated rent (if applicable) to accounting@foundspaces.ca

A 3d printed key with a house on it.

Bring to this appointment:

  • Your first months and last month’ s rent
    payment confirmation. (e-transfer receipt)
  • If you are responsible for the cost of
    utilities, you must also provide proof that the billing has been changed into your name.


All units are equipped with deadbolt locks that are changed before your move in to ensure your security. Please remember, you are not permitted to change the existing locking system on
your unit without approval.

If you lose your keys, or require a lock change, please contact the Maintenance Department.

Some Things to Do Before or On Move-In Day

Contact the post office to inform them of your name and new address.

Arrange for your phone, if you wish to have one.

Advise Found Spaces Property Management Inc of your house phone number.

Arrange for cable & internet, if you want it.

Handle your boxes and moving garbage appropriately (please refer to Garbage Disposal & Recycling).

Move-In Inspection Form

We will complete the Move In Inspection Form, given to you at the time of the lease signing. We will note all the deficiencies and ensure that they are completed within 5 business days of you moving in.

You are responsible for purchasing a Tenant Package Insurance Policy. In the event of damage, the landlord and/or other tenants may seek to recover costs from you and you may need to make a claim.

If you wish to decorate your unit you are responsible to return the unit to its original condition upon move-out or you will be charged for the cost to make the repairs. No permanent changes can be made. Contact your Maintenance Program Supervisor or Property Manager if you have any questions.


If you have parking available for use it is on a first-come-first- serve basis but tenants, out of habit and courtesy, often park in the same spot. Some buildings with larger parking areas allow visitor parking in the rear of the lot.

Please ask your Property Manager for more information about your particular parking area.

For the safety of all tenants, abandoned, unlicensed or derelict vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense. Vehicle maintenance or repairs are not permitted in parking lots and driveways.

Cable TV / Satellite Dishes / Antennas

DO NOT ATTACH: satellite dishes, antennae, to the exterior of the unit.

If the dish or other equipment is installed without approval or not according to the guidelines , it will be removed.


Well behaved and cared for pets add to the quality of life for their owner and the community as a whole. Please remember that not everyone will love your pet as you do.

Please remember that pets are not permitted in the community house or other public areas where they may be a nuisance to other tenants.


Regular Maintenance

  • Call 289-270-2922 or complete a maintenance request or email us at maintenance@foundspaces.ca
  • We will contact a contractor, who will call you to make an appointment.
    • Please make sure that you are home or have made arrangements to allow the contractor access to your home for the scheduled service call or you will be charged if the contractor cannot get into your unit.
  • The regular response time for a maintenance request is within one week. If your maintenance concern has not been resolved after this time period, please contact the office.

Emergency Maintenance

The response time for an emergency maintenance request is within 24 hours. Found Spaces Property Management Inc provides an after-hour emergency answering service by calling 289-270-2922 and texting 911 with your property address and unit number. The following are examples of emergencies:

  • No heat , electricity, or water in your unit.
  • Water leak or flood in your unit.
  • Plugged toilet and you only have one washroom.
  • Malfunctioning smoke detector.

For All Medical and Fire Emergencies, Please Call 911 First

Tenant Charges

If you, your family or a guest cause damage to Found Spaces Property Management Inc residence you will be charged for the cost of the repairs. Prompt payment is necessary to maintain your satisfactory rental payment record & credit rating.

Examples of maintenance charges:

  • Broken windows and screens
  • Damage to drywall, woodwork and doors
  • Unauthorized paint, removal of wallpaper
  • Missing or broken fixtures
  • Missing or broken hardware for doors
  • Garbage/debris left in the unit by the tenant on move-out.
  • Damage done by pets, including flea control
  • Toilets plugged by hair brushes, toys, etc.
  • Requested lock change
  • Lost keys
  • Unauthorized lock changes
  • Missed appointments made with contractors

Pest Control

Is not typically an issue with any of the Found Spaces Property Management Inc. units due to the condition we deliver, upkeep and service of our units. If cockroaches and other pests becomes be a problem. Pest Control is a shared responsibility. Make sure that food is stored in airtight containers and garbage is sealed and put out on regular garbage days. In townhouses or multi-residential properties, pests easily spread from unit to unit, which makes reporting pest problems important. Please let us know immediately if you see any signs of pests in your unit. Do not feed birds and wild animals as this will attract unwanted rodents and other pests.


Generally thermostats are set at about 22 degrees Celsius. In order to assist in the efficient heating of your unit, please ensure that your doors and windows are closed when the heat is on.


Your home is heated with a natural gas furnace or boiler system that is located in your basement. It will have a clean filter on move-in and we will be responsible to change the filter periodically

Hot Water Tanks

The hot water tank is a rental unit and not the property of Found Spaces Property Management Inc. Please report any hot water tank malfunctions to our maintenance department at 289-270-2922

Outdoor Tap – Winter Shut-Off

For your convenience you have an outside water tap. In the winter this tap and pipe could freeze and burst. Found Spaces Property Management Inc conducts Semi-annual service at all properties to turn off outdoor valves in September & turn them back in May


If your community has garbage bins, please ensure that all garbage is placed directly into the bin. Small children cannot reach high enough to dispose of garbage properly and must be supervised if this is part of their household chores.

Garbage Disposal & Recycling

We encourage all tenants to participate in helping to keep your environment healthy and safe. Please do your part.


In the communities that have a recycling program, we encourage you to participate and recycle glass, bottles/jars, steel and aluminum cans, plastic bottles/jars, newspaper, telephone books, etc. Do not put garbage in the recycling. This contaminates the tote and the recyclers will not pick it up.


You are not permitted to store items such as derelict or unlicensed vehicles, trailers, boats, old bikes, appliances, tires, batteries, etc. on Found Spaces Property Management Inc property.

Townhouses & Single Family Homes

You are responsible for shoveling and salting the sidewalk from the main walkway to your home. To assist with efficient snow removal we ask that you co-operate and remove your vehicle when the contractor is clearing snow from the parking lot (Where applicable).

Fire Safety – It’s up To You

  • Know your home, design YOUR FIRE SAFETY PLAN with your children.
  • Have your escape route planned so that everyone knows what to do even in the dark.
  • Have an al ternate route in mind and rehear sed, so that everyone is prepared for any situation.
  • Talk about fire safety with your children & practice of ten:
    • Stop, Drop & Roll
    • Exit Immediately – fire can spread quickly
    • Stay Low to the floor when there’ s smoke
    • Before opening any door: feel it, if it’s hot there may be fire on the other side, try another exit
    • Call 911 f rom a safe location
    • Choose a safe place to meet out side
    • Never go back in, NOTHING, not even a pet is worth your life

Questions or concerns? Please contact your Property Manager.


If you would like to transfer from your current unit to another Found Spaces Property Management Inc unit in a different community, you may complete a transfer request form. There are a number of eligibility requirements that you must meet prior to being placed on the internal transfer waiting list. For a complete listing of the eligibility requirements, please contact our office directly at 289-2702922.

Please note that you may have to pay a $250 non-refundable administration fee, which is due with the application. You may also be subject to a unit inspection. Should any maintenance charges result from the inspection, you will be required to pay the charges in full prior to being offered a transfer.

Adding Someone To Your Lease

Prior to having another person reside in your unit you must obtain approval from your Property Manager. This person must complete an application and must meet the eligibility criteria. If the application is approved, a new lease with the new rent amount will be issued and must be signed by all members of the household 16 years of age and older.

Thank You For Choosing Your Home with Us