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Rent Your Property Fast

Fill Your Vacancy Fast and Efficient with our Proven Leasing Process

Get Better Tenants

Our Acceler8 program turns renters into financially responsible tenants

Maximize Your Returns

Better Tenants Create Stress Free, Reliable and Profitable Investments

Selecting the wrong tenant can can lead to significant financial and emotional stress


Average cost of tenant evictions paid by homeowners


Average cost of legal, court filing and bailiff fees for tenancy

6-12 months

Time to evict a tenant (varies by province)
We use our proven 9-step Acceler8 Tenant Audit system to screen for tenants which assures that our landlords have...
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Our Leasing Services Include

Property Inspection and Walkthrough

Comparative Market Analysis Report

Professional Photography

Virtual Staging ($)

Video Tour

Syndication to Multiple ILS Listings

Unlimited Showings

Unlimited Applications

Weekly Owner Reports

Verified FICO Credit Score Check

Rental History Review

Employment Verification

Leasing Paperwork

Tenant Insurance

Tenant Utility Set Up

Collect First & Last Month’s Rent

Collect Key Deposit

Move In Inspection

Key Delivery and Welcome Package

Key Delivery and Welcome Package

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Tenant Locate Guarantee

With Unmatched Confidence in Our Tenant Selection, We Offer a Six- Month Tenant Guarantee: Should They Vacate Prematurely, We Secure Your Next Tenant at No Extra Cost

Service Charge

One Month’s Rent +$85 Charge

To effectively market vacancies and attract qualified tenants, we employ a multi-faceted approach at Found Spaces to ensure that our listings capture the right audience's attention.

Found Spaces Property Management Company Is Trusted By Top Investors in Hamilton

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