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What does mediocre property management really cost you?

A group of simple white stick figures on a black background, arranged in a triangle shape, with the base at the bottom and the peak at the top center. This minimalist design encapsulates the structured excellence you'd expect from the best property management in Hamilton.
50% of Tenants

Fail to meet basic requirements, and 10% cause significant property damage

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53 Hours

Per month that's the average time landlords spend tackling property-related issues

A white line graph with a downward trending line and a dollar sign icon on a black background indicates financial decline, underscoring the importance of finding the Best Property Management in Hamilton to safeguard your investments.
Depleting NOI

On your property means eroding profits and diminishing its overall value

Discover Success:
How Our Clients WIN with Found Spaces

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12% Rental Income Increase

average within the first year

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10% Property Value Increase

average over three years

Green circular icon with a white silhouette of a person in the center, surrounded by two curved arrows forming a circle, suggesting refresh or change. This symbol is often associated with the best property management in Hamilton, indicating constant improvement and renewal.
30% Reduction in Tenant Turnover

1.5 to 2.5 Years Average lease term Increase

So What Does Working with
Found Spaces Property Management
Look Like in Burlington?

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Working with Found Spaces Property Management Inc is simple due to Our Process that guides you step by step.

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In Found Spaces Property Management Inc we value your and our time optimizing each step in Our Process daily

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Working with Found Spaces Property Management Inc. you know how Our Process grows your ROI.

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Found Spaces Guarantees:
Complete Safety and Absolute Peace of Mind

Tenant Placement

If located by us tenant leaves in less than 6 months, we will secure the next tenant for free.

Money Back

We give a 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied with our property management within the first 90 days.

21 Days Leasing

We will get a signed lease for your home in 21 days or less or you get a free month of management on us.

Good Pet

Good pet tenants. If approved pets cause damage, we'll cover up to $1,000 in repairs.

Services Offered by Found Spaces Property Management Company in Burlington

Property Management

Elevating your property management experience by bringing trust, transparency & accountability

Leasing Services

Filling Your Vacancy Fast and Efficient with our Proven Leasing Process. You Get Better Tenants, and Maximize Your Return

Property Advertising

Amplifying Your Property’s Visibility with Our Tailored Advertising Service to Maximize Your Returns

Legal Support Services

Ensures timely rent collection and adherence to regulations, RTA Compliance, and LTB Matters

Maintenance Services

Prompt service and 24/7/365 support, streamlines maintenance requests and effortless tracking

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Why to invest in property in Burlington, Ontario

Burlington, Ontario, is emerging as an exceptional destination for property investment. This city’s unique blend of economic vitality, strategic location, affordability, and lifestyle amenities makes it a top choice for both local and international investors. Here are several reasons why Burlington stands out as a prime location for property investment::

  1. Economic Growth and Job Market: Burlington features a robust and diverse economy driven by sectors like advanced manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and professional services. The city hosts significant institutions such as Joseph Brant Hospital and a thriving business community with numerous corporate headquarters and innovative startups. This economic stability and growth potential ensure a continuous demand for both residential and commercial properties, making Burlington a sound investment choice.
  2. Strategic Location and Connectivity: Situated within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), Burlington offers excellent connectivity to major urban centers. The city is conveniently accessible via major highways like the QEW and Highway 403 and is well-served by public transportation, including the GO Transit network. Burlington’s strategic location allows easy commuting to Toronto, Hamilton, and other nearby cities, making it an attractive option for professionals seeking a suburban lifestyle while working in larger metropolitan areas.
  3. Affordability and Housing Market Dynamics: Compared to Toronto, Burlington provides more affordable real estate options, offering investors greater value for their money. The city’s housing market has been stable, with property prices appreciating steadily over the years. This affordability, combined with a growing demand for housing among first-time homebuyers and young families, creates a favorable environment for property investors. Additionally, Burlington’s rental market remains robust, driven by a steady influx of professionals, families, and new residents, ensuring reliable rental income for investors.
  4. Urban Development and Infrastructure: Burlington has seen significant urban development and revitalization efforts, particularly in its downtown core. The city’s ambitious plans include new residential and commercial projects, improved public spaces, and enhanced infrastructure. These developments not only boost property values but also improve the overall quality of life for residents. Burlington’s commitment to sustainable growth and smart urban planning makes it a forward-thinking investment destination.
  5. Quality of Life and Amenities: Burlington offers a high quality of life with its scenic waterfront, numerous parks, cultural attractions, and recreational facilities. The city is renowned for its vibrant arts scene, diverse dining options, and strong sense of community. For families, Burlington boasts excellent schools and healthcare facilities, adding to its appeal. This combination of lifestyle amenities and natural beauty makes Burlington an attractive place to live, further driving demand for properties.

How to choose a property management company in Burlington, Ontario

Key Considerations for Choosing a Property Manager in Burlington

When selecting a property management company in Burlington, consider these essential factors: references, online reviews, credentials, insurance, experience, qualifications, and rates. Found Spaces excels in each of these areas, providing you with a well-rounded, trustworthy, and efficient property management solution.

Found Spaces: A Legacy of Excellence in Property Management

With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Found Spaces has developed a robust reputation as Burlington’s leading property management company. Our profound understanding of the local market, coupled with our passion for community growth and success, makes us an invaluable partner in realizing the full potential of your property investments.

Comprehensive Services Tailored for Burlington Property Owners

At Found Spaces, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized property management services that cater to the specific needs of Burlington property owners. From efficient rental property management to expert marketing, we ensure your investments are not just managed but maximized for optimal returns.

The Benefits of Professional Property Management with Found Spaces

Entrusting your property to Found Spaces means enjoying the full spectrum of benefits that come with professional property management. We act as a bridge between landlords and tenants, ensuring seamless communication and resolution of any issues. Our expertise in the local market guarantees effective tenant screening, adherence to laws and regulations, and maximization of your investment’s profitability.

Efficient Rental Property Management in Burlington

Found Spaces is renowned for efficiently managing over 500 rental properties in Burlington. Our approach includes round-the-clock maintenance, timely rent collection, comprehensive financial reporting, and strategic tenant retention programs. These services collectively ensure that your property remains profitable and well-maintained.

Ensuring Timely Rent Collection and Lease Enforcement

Our approach to rent collection and lease enforcement is methodical and tenant-focused. We promptly address late payments, and if necessary, escalate to the Landlord and Tenant Board to uphold lease terms. This balanced approach protects the interests of property owners while respecting tenant rights.

Proactive Maintenance and Repairs: The Found Spaces Commitment

Our commitment to your property’s maintenance and repairs is unwavering. With a skilled team and trusted contractors, we promptly address any concerns, ensuring your investment’s longevity and value. Trust Found Spaces to maintain your property at its best, offering you peace of mind and a hassle-free property management experience.

Choose Found Spaces for the best property management experience in Burlington, where your investment’s potential is fully realized through our expert and dedicated services.